How do I eSign a document?

There are several ways to eSign a document:

  1. For documents in SureClinical:  From mobile, web or desktop client, if you have eSign rights, you will be able to sign by clicking on the pen icon in mobile/web, or on the sign panel in the desktop client.  Click 'send code' to receive a verification code for eSigning and then enter your PIN and a reason for signing.
  2. For documents on your desktop or mobile device:  If you have a document that you wish to sign that is NOT in SureClinical cloud, you may sign it by uploading it to the cloud, signing it and then saving the Esigned document on your local device.  After signing you can cancel the upload if you wish.  A record of all signing events is captured in the cloud.

You can search our knowledge base and community for a solution, or ask community members directly. If you can't find an answer, you can submit a request to an agent. For more information, see the SureClinical Help Center