Manage Workflow Processes

The elimination of papers mandates the conversion of manual processes into automatic ones. SureClinical captures common business processes in Health Science industry and automates them. Creation and management of workflow processes can be handled through the Workflow view, which is split into Workflow Navigator and Workflow Viewer.

To manage workflow processes, a right click menu (called Workflow Manager Process Menu) appears on different levels of the workflow hierarchy tree in Workflow Navigator. Options provided in this menu depend on the type of the entity you right clicked.

When your right click occurs on a workflow process, this menu supports the following operations:

  • Start: Starts a created workflow process. This option is only enabled if a workflow process has not been started yet or completed.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected workflow process.
  • Edit: Edits the selected workflow process if it has not been started. Upon clicking on this option, the workflow wizard is started with the details of the selected workflow process filled in all the steps of the wizard. You can edit any details as required and finish the wizard by clicking Finish. 
  • Move Workflow Process: Changes the workflow process category.
  • Duplicate: Creates a duplicate from the selected workflow process regardless of the status of the selected process.
  • Add To Templates: Creates a reusable workflow template from the selected workflow process. Upon selecting this option, the selected workflow process is added to templates and you can select this template while you create a new workflow process in the workflow wizard. If you select a template, you will find all the details added to different steps of the wizard for editing (if required). 
  • Remove From Templates: Removes the selected workflow template from the list of reusable templates.
  • Add User: Adds user to a running or not started workflow process. See Add User to Workflow Process for details.
  • Remove User: removes a user who has not yet done his assigned task from a running or not started workflow process. See Remove User from Workflow Process for details.
  • Transfer Workload: to transfer workflow tasks assigned to one user to another user. See Transfer Workload to Another User for details. 

The right-click menu on a Workflow Process Category supports the following operations:

  • Delete All: Deletes all workflow processes within this Category.
  • Delete Category: Deletes the right clicked Workflow Process Category and all included workflow process.
  • Rename Category: Allows renaming the current Workflow Process Category.

The Workflow Manager Process menu allows adding a New Category when you right click on the root of the hierarchy tree (named Workflow Processes).