Resolve Document Discrepancy

Document discrepancies are managed and resolved through the Quality view. Documents with discrepancies are those that satisfy at least one of the following:

  1. Metadaata properties have incorrect (or missing) values.  
  2. Invalid digital signature.
  3. Approval is required.
  4. Document content required to be modified because the document is missing some pages, some pages are out of order, some pages have unclear content, etc.
  5. In case of Forms, the Form is incomplete.

All operations applied to documents to resolve their discrepancies are recorded by the system in an audit trail. Depending on the discrepancy issue, documents can be edited with simple functions, such as deleting a page in the document or replacing the document with a new one. Additionally, discrepancies can be resolved by modifying/completing document's Metadata properties.

To view and resolve document discrepancy, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Quality View.
  2. Select View Document Discrepancies in Document Discrepancies tab in Document Quality.
  3. Discrepancy List displays the details of documents with discrepancies. You can select to view these documents in a Tree by clicking Discrepancy Tree. Additionally, you can view documents with discrepancies in a specific study through Source drop down list and/or with specific status (open issues, closed issues, or both) from View drop down list. 
  4. Click on the document you wish to resolve its discrepancy and all the discrepancy details are displayed in Document Discrepancy Detail
  5. If the document is missing values for some metadata properties, the fields required to be filled will be highlighted in red in Metadata Editor and a message is displayed to provide details about how to fill the missing information. To appropriately fill some metadata fields, you may need to navigate to other views and add some information. For example, if the Credential value is missing, you cannot fill this field directly in the Metadata Editor. You should navigate to Share View and add the missing value for the selected Person. To save changes you applied to Metadata properties click Save
  6. Admins and Editors can assign the task of resolving a discrepancy issue to another Admin or Editor. Select the user from the Assign To drop down list (in Document Discrepancy Detail) and click on the green arrow (disabled by default and highlighted in the image below) to complete the assignment operation. 
  7. To modify the document content, click on Edit PDF. This option is disabled for signed documents with discrepancies. Such documents can only have their metadata properties edited but not the document content.  
  8. After fixing the current discrepancy issue, close its relevant ticket by selecting Close from the State drop down list and clicking the green arrow.