Upload Documents

To upload a document to the cloud:


Click on  the Viewer Menu and click the Upload File. You can also start the upload wizard by dragging and dropping the document from your local machine to a Content Type in Documents tab.

 2 The Upload Wizard window will pop up and you can either Drag and Drop or Browse for you document.
3 Fill in the document details and click the next button.
4 After filling in the document details, you may need to fill some metadata properties. If not, you can click Next to move to the final step of the wizard. 
5 Review the details and make sure that all provided information is correct.  After that, click the finish button and the document will be uploaded.

  If you are asked to upload a document as part of a workflow process or task, follow these steps:


Click on the task link in the task window.

 2 You may click the box in the Upload Wizard and browse for the file, or you can drag and drop the file into the box.
3 Next, you will be asked to enter the document details.  After the document details are entered, review them for accuracy and click the Submit button. 
4 Here is a video on uploading a document via a workflow process.