Manage Users' Digital ID Certificates

SureClinical supports different management operations that allow granting digital signature rights to users and issuing different types of Digital ID certificates. Admins can allow users to manually sign documents, digitally sign documents (using remote or local Digital ID certificates), or disable granting any signing rights.

SureClinical supports two types of Digital ID certificates:

  • High Trust certificates: issued by DigiCert, requires verification documents to be uploaded, and takes some processing time before using it in signing.
  • SureClinical Standard Certificate: This certificate type is issued by DigiCert as a general corporate certificate (no individual name specification). Hence, you can grant this certificate type to any number of users. Another benefit to this certificate type is that it does not require any verification documents to be uploaded. By default, when a new user is created and issued a certificate, this certificate type is used. If the new user is not issued a certificate, then the default certificate type for the new user is SureClinical Standard. Although no certificate is issued yet but this assignment gives you an indication about the certificate type to be issued. 

To carry out different management operations for users' Digital IDs: Go to S-button menu and select Administration > User Accounts. The User Management window displays three tabs. Management of users' digital ID certificates can be handled through the Esign tab. This tab shows a list of system users with digital signing relevant information, such as whether user uploaded required identity documents, Signing mode, whether user is verified, etc. Through this tab, you can perform the following operations:

  • Security Settings: Modify Certificate security settings:
    • Enable/disable Adobe Digital ID Verification via email and/or SMS.
    • Enable/disable initial certificate verification via email and/or SMS and set the limit for the maximum number of verification attempts.
    • Enable/disable sending verification code on document signing, specify how verification codes are sent (email and/or SMS), specify the verification code mode to either be document based or session based, and the maximum number of verification attempts. Admin can also specify whether some of these settings can be changed directly by SureClinical users.
    • Enable/disable sending email alert to admin for Digital ID certificates about to expire and set the time frame for sending such alerts before certificates are expired. 
    • Enable/disable sending email alert to admin for revoked Digital ID certificates.
    • Disable signing when a user certificate is expired.
    • Disable signing when a user certificate is revoked.
  • Download Certificate: Download the Digital ID certificate for a selected user with Remote and verified digital signing rights. 
  • View Certificate: View the details of Digital ID certificate for a selected user with remote and verified digital signing rights. 
  • Issue Certificate: Issue a self signed SureClinical or a high trust Adobe Digital ID certificate for selected users. In case of issuing the Adobe Digital ID certificate, the certificate cannot be issued until the user uploads all the required verification documents.
  • Revoke Certificate: Revoke Digital ID certificates for selected users with remote and verified digital signing rights. 
  • Suspend Certificate: Suspend Digital ID certificates for selected users with remote and verified digital signing rights.
  • Change Cert Type: Change the type of the certificate issued to a user from Self signed SureClinical Digital ID certificate to Adobe high trust Digital ID and vice versa. 
  • Some operations are disabled according to specific criteria. For example, if a user is allowed to manually or locally sign documents, then Download Certificate, View Certificate, Revoke Certificate, and Suspend Certificate operations are disabled. They are also disabled for users with Remote sign mode but not yet verified. These operations are enabled upon changing the Sign Mode and/or when user passes the verification process. 
  • You can change signing mode for a user through the Sign Mode drop down list for this user.
  • When you right click on a selected user, you can perform one of the following operations: Download Certificate, Issue Certificate, Revoke Certificate, Download Report, Suspend Certificate, and Download Training Certificate.