Esign Documents

When you are asked to digitally sign documents (via a workflow process) you will first receive an Email and/or SMS notifications. Generally, users with Admin and Editor system roles can sign any documents anytime without signature related workflow tasks. 

To sign a document as part of a workflow process:


Click on the signing related task in My Tasks popup that appears when you Login. The document to be signed is displayed in Document Viewer with signing button activated.

 2 Drag the red signing block to the desired location on the document and click the Sign button.
3 After the verification box pops up, click the Send button to send a verification code to your email or cell phone. Copy the code and paste it into the first box and type in your Digital ID PIN into the second box.  Select a reason for signing and click Sign Now.
4 The video to the right will walk you through Esigning a Shared document.

 If you are assigned an Admin or Editor system role and you wish to sign a document:


Click on the document in Document tab to display its content in Document Viewer.

 2 Click on the Sign icon in Document Viewer to start signing the document.
3 Proceed as stated above (i.e., sign document in a workflow process) in steps 2 and 3.