View Reports

SureClinical's Mobile/Web Client allows viewing reports generated through the Desktop Client. To view different types of reports click on the Reports tab. Reports are categorized according to their Report Types (e.g., Documents by Content Type, Barcode Cover Sheet, etc.). To view reports included in a specific report type, expand its relevant sub-tree by clicking on the gray plus sign.

To share or download reports:

  • Mark reports (as shown in the image below).
  • After you select at least one report, ShareInfo, and Download options appear at the bottom. 
  • Reports can be shared with valid SureClinical users in an archived .Save format sent via email. Shared reports can be viewed through Bookmarks tab in Document Tree.
  • Reports can be downloaded in PDF format in a zipped archive file.
  • To view a report's relevant information, select that report and click Info.