Complete and Esign a Form

When given the task of completing and esigning a document, follow these steps:


Click on the link in the email you received to view your task in SureClinical.  After clicking on the link, login to SureClinical.

 2 Click the blue text in the task notification window that pops up after you log in.
3 The Workflow Popup will appear. Click the download button to download the form that needs to be filled.
4 Save the form to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader to fill the form.
 5 After you have completed the form, return to your browser and click the Browse button in Workflow Popup and select the completed document.
 6 Confirm the archive, content type, organization, and person details are correct and click the Submit button.
 7 After you have uploaded the form, you will be asked to sign it. My Tasks popup will show again and when you click on the task the form is displayed in Document Viewer. To Esign the form, move the signing block to the desired location
 8 Send yourself the verification code and enter it along with your PIN and click the Sign Now button.
 9 The video to the right offers step-by-step instructions for completing a document and esigning: