Delete Study

To delete a Study, do the following:

  • Go to the S-button menu and select Study > Delete Study.
  • A window opens where you can select the study to be deleted. You can select to delete documents only from the selected Study by clicking Delete Documents Only
  • If you clicked Ok to delete the whole Study, you are notified in a message that when a Study is deleted, all its relevant Categories, Content Types, Metadata Properties, documents, reports, saved searches, and saved bookmarks are deleted from the database. To proceed into deleting the Study, click Ok.
  • To delete all documents (relevant to the selected Study) from the database a confirmation window is displayed, where you should click Delete All.
  • Finally, a message asks about whether you want to export persons before deleting the documents. Click Yes if you want to export persons and a window opens where you can select the Study from which persons are exported and select the location of the output folder. List of Organizations and Persons in the Study you selected are displayed in a hierarchy tree. Click Save to export such information to a Microsoft Excel file. The file is exported and the Study archive is deleted.