Create Sign Document Workflow Process

Sign Document Workflow Process allows asking a specific set of users to sign a specific set of documents. To create this workflow process:

  • Go to Workflow Viewer in Workflow view and click on the Workflow Wizard.
  • In the first step of the wizard select Sign Document from the list of workflow processes. You can
    1. Select the study in which this workflow process is created
    2. Specify the number of signers (per document) from the Single Signer or Multiple Signers drop down list. Options provided in this list are Single Signer and Multiple Signers.
    3. Optionally modify the Workflow Process Description and Name
    4. Select the Workflow Category to which the new workflow process will be added
    5. Select whether this workflow process should be started immediately after its creatio and specify whether or not to notify the workflow initiator upon process completion.
  • The Sign Document process includes two tasks: Select Doc and Signers and Signing Plan. To move to the next step of the wizard click Next.
  • This step specifies the details required for the Select Doc and Signers task.
    1. First, you should select documents to be signed from the displayed content hierarchy. You can view the content of any document in the hierarchy by clicking on it and the document will be displayed in the document viewer.
    2. After you select at least one document, the list of persons (required to sign the selected documents) is enabled for selection. The list of persons is displayed by Organization, where you can mark required signers and click on Add to add them to Recipients list. If you selected the option Single Signer in the previous step, then you will be able to select only one signer for any selected document. You can add more selected documents and signers to the recipients list. Additionally, you can delete any entry in this list by selecting this entry and clicking on Delete. Furthermore, you can export the content of the recipients list to a CSV file by clicking the Export button.
    3. You can add a customized message that will be appended to the notification message (to be sent to selected signers), select signing due date, and the frequency of email reminders sent to signers. To move to the Signing Plan step, click Next.
  • This step specifies signing details (for Signing Plan task), including the location of the signature block where signers should sign (also called signing plan options). These options differ according to the selected signers mode; single or multiple signers per document. In the first case, signing plan options are Default, where signature block is placed at the bottom right corner of the last page, or Manual, where signer could manually select the location of the signature block. In the second case, signing plan options are Default and Specify Signing Location, where you should specify the location of the signature block for each signer. To move to the last step of the wizard, click Next.
  • The final step of the wizard provides workflow summary. Click Finish to conclude the wizard and create the workflow process.