Move Document to Archive

The content archive tree in Document Navigator in View view displays documents with different statuses; archived documents, documents under review, and documents with discrepancy issues. Documents under review are documents uploaded by users (through Upload menu in Document Navigator, Import Documents/Scan Documents in Acquire view, or documents uploaded as part of a workflow process) and added to document queue in Acquire view for review by Admins and Editors. They are displayed in Document Navigator tree with green tag (In Review), added to the right of the document.  

If you have an Admin or Editor system role and you wish to move the document to archive for permanent storage, then you can do so through one of the following:

  • Document Navigator in View view: The content archive tree in Document Navigator provides a right click menu over documents to perform several operations. Among these operations is moving a selected set of documents to archive. To perform this operation, ensure that the selected Document Navigator mode is View Mode. Select documents with In Review status then right click on any of these documents and select Move to Archive. This operation may fail if the document has missing metadata values that should be filled.

  • Document Queue in Acquire view: You can move documents in Document Queue to archive by marking documents in document queue and clicking on the Move button. This button is enabled only if documents are ready for archiving and have no missing metadata values.