Disable/Enable Organizations and Persons

SureClinical's Share View allows managing and viewing the details of Organizations and Persons participating in different clinical studies. It supports enabling/disabling Persons and Organizations in your clinical studies through the Disable/Enable Item feature provided in Persons tab in the Navigation Bar. Through this option, you can disable and delete, disable only, or enable a selected Organization/Person depending on the entity current status (enabled or disabled). This option is disabled by default if no Organization or Person is selected from Navigation Preview. To use this option, you need to select first an Organization or a Person from Navigation Preview. After that, you can carry out one of the following operations:

  • Disable (but not delete) a selected Organization/Person, if at least one document is linked to it in the study, by clicking Disable Item. Upon clicking on this option, a confirmation message is displayed. If the Organization/Person can also be deleted, another confirmation message is displayed.
  • Enable a disabled (grayed out) Organization or Person by clicking on Enable Item.