Workflow Processes with Signing Order

Users can generate Workflows that require multiple signers for one or several documents. By default, users can sign documents simultaneously. If you want users to sign the document following a specific signing order: 


Open the WorkFlow Wizard and select a workflow process with signing option:

  • Sign Document and Sign Form workflow process types, you should also select Multiple Signers.
  • Upload Document and Sign and Complete Form and Sign workflow process types, you should select One uploads form, one signs then select One form, multiple signers.  
 2 Proceed as usual in the next steps of the wizard till you reach Signing Plan step. In this step, un-check the option No Signing Order and the list of signers appears as an ordered list. To change the order of a signer, drag his/her name up or down. The order you apply here is the same order in which signers will be notified to sign the document. Next signer will not be notified unless the previous signer has already signed the document. Proceed as usual to conclude the wizard and start the workflow process