Import Persons Wizard

For adding new persons to a study and/or site, follow these guidelines:


First, click the Share Tab and click the Export button.

 2 Select a study and export an excel template. Enter persons that need to be imported into the excel spreadsheet.
3 After entering new persons in the excel spreadsheet, return to the desktop client and click the Import button in the Share Tab.
4 The Import Wizard will pop up. Click the Browse button and import the excel template you completed earlier.  
5 A list of persons that were successfully imported will be on the left. Click the Import All button or drag individual persons into their respective sites. You may also drag a whole organization to a study.
6 Now select which persons you want to be SureClinical Users. Drag and drop persons that need to be users into the user column, the right one.
7 In the next step, you can optionally notify individual users by email. Drag and drop users that you wish to notify.
8 Review the changes and click the Confirm button to complete the Import Persons Wizard.