Admin Desktop Training Certificate

All users are asked to sign the typical training certificate when they first sign in through either the Web client or Desktop client. Admins may want to ensure that other admin users do know how to use the Desktop client (they acquired the required knowledge). Hence, you can pick at any time an admin user and ask him/her to sign the Admin Training Certificate. You can ask a user only once to sign the Admin training certificate as follows:

  1. Go to main menu and select Administration User Accounts.
  2. User Management dialogue box pops up. In the General tab click on the user you wish him/her to obtain the Admin Desktop Training Certificate then click Edit User.
  3. Mark the option Desktop Client for Administrators training required (see the figure below) then click Save.
  4. Do the same steps (2 and 3) for all users you wish to grant them the Admin Desktop training certificate. Each user will receive a reminder email asking the user to sign his/her Desktop Admin training certificate. User is also reminded upon logging in to sign the Admin Training certificate, located in User Profile (S-Button menu > Settings > User Profile