Workflow - Transfer Workload to Another User

At certain conditions, you might need to transfer the assigned workflow tasks to another user. This typically happens when a user no longer works in a study (e.g., user left the organization). To transfer workload for a running or not started workflow process:

  1. Navigate to Workflow tab, right click on the workflow process and select Transfer Workload.
  2. If the process is not yet started, then the workflow wizard is displayed where you can navigate to the user selection step, remove the user and add another one.
  3. For running workflow processes, the Transfer Workload dialog pops up with two sections: Source User and Destination User. The Source User lists all active users (not yet finished their assigned tasks) in the workflow process, while the Destination User lists all users in different study sites. To transfer workload, select one user from Source User then select the user who will carryout the transferred workload (Destination User) and click Save.
  4. The assigned user will receive a notification email for the assigned work.