Upload DICOM Images

SureClinical provides several ways to launch the DICOM upload wizard:

  1. S-button > Tools > DICOM Upload.
  2. Right click on the Content Type and select Upload Medical Image (Document Navigator should be in View Mode).
  3. Select a Content Type then go to Upload menu in Document Navigator and select Upload Medical Images

When the Upload Medical Images wizard is launched:


Navigate your local drive (File Systems tab) or one of the visible studies (Studies tab) to locate the DICOM image(s) for upload then drag and drop them to the right hand side then click Next.

 2 Select the Content Type (if not already filled) from the drop down list. You can look up the Content Type by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Fill missing metadata properties then click Next.
3 Mark (or select) DICOM and Content Type metadata fields to be printed on the uploaded images. These fields will be added to the bottom left corner of each uploaded image. Click Next to move to the final step of the wizard
4 Select DICOM metadata fields that you wish to clear or remove before the DICOM images are uploaded. Conclude the wizard and start the upload operation by clicking Finish